For Corporate Customers

Why Ryukyu Glass Village? Very good craftsmanship.

  • “Modern Master Craftsmen”, two of whom are certified by the government, and “Okinawa Prefecture Craftsmen”, 13 of whom are certified by Okinawa Prefecture, design and produce the products.
  • We create original designs and high-precision products that are made possible by the advanced technology of our skilled craftsmen.
  • Our products are made by a group of artisans, mainly craftsmen, so we are able to handle a large number of lots even though they are handmade.

Why Ryukyu Glass Village? Well-equipped facilities

  • We have the largest kiln in Okinawa, so we can make large sizes and multi-colored products.
  • We can make a wide range of proposals and create memorabilia by cooperating with companies that do processing and printing.
  • By collaborating with the Vietnam workshop, where Ryukyu glass artisans have been teaching for more than 20 years, we are able to handle large lots.




What’s the delivery date for the goods you ordered?

Since Ryukyu glass is handmade by artisans, it is not possible to make the glass after receiving an order from the supplier.
As a rule, we will deliver the product in two weeks.
(However, please note that it may take about a month or more depending on the product.)

What about the place where Ryukyu glass is produced?

In 1995, the Ryukyu Glass Village Group established the “Vietnam Culture and Craft Village” in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Since then, Okinawan glass artisans have been stationed at the local workshop, passing on the “skill” and “spirit” of Ryukyu glass to Vietnamese artisans who are skilled in their craft.
We deliver them to our customers under the strictest quality control.

Regarding the drawings.

We do not have a CAD system. Some of the data we receive from customers can be read, such as DXF and DWG data. Please consult with us separately.

Returns and Exchanges

In the case of special order products, in order to avoid any trouble with the customer, we will produce the product after receiving an official order form after a detailed discussion and final confirmation of the shape of a sample product in advance. As a general rule, we do not accept returns or exchanges, except for our mistakes such as damage, wrong dimensions, wrong color, etc. Thank you for your patience.
When sample production is required
In principle, a sample production fee is required. The price may vary depending on what is produced. Please consult with us separately.

Regarding postage.

The size and weight of the box used for shipping is determined, so if you need more than one box, we will provide a separate estimate for confirmation.

What’s the deadline?

Please note that it may take a little while for the production schedule and the meeting of the requested design plan, but as a rule of thumb, it may take about 3 weeks for a small lot, or more than 1 month for a large number of items or production. Please consult with us in advance.

What kind of production can you do?

All Ryukyu glass is handmade by artisans. Depending on the size and design, we may not be able to produce some items. We will discuss the details of the product you want to order with you after receiving your drawings and designs in advance. Even if we can’t come up with something exactly like the image, we’ll work with you to suggest something close to it.

Product Examples

沖縄琉球居酒屋 ちゅらちゅら 国際通り店